Claw Emergency Manipulation Rear Sight
Claw Rear Sights are NOW AVAILABLE at The I.C.E. Training Store!

Designed by Rob Pincus, of I.C.E. Training Company and the Combat Focus Shooting Program, for defensive firearms. 

Claw sights are the most aggressively designed rear sights for one handed emergency manipulations in a worst case scenario. Designed with a wide .180" notch for fast front sight acquisition when you need sighted fire and a concave leading edge, The Claw will serve you well as a Defensive Pistol Rear Sight until you need it most... That's when it could save your life.

Prototype Shown being mounted on Glock Pistol, production models are finished in flat black.

Claw rear sights can be used with standard height and width front sights, including factory fronts, or paired with high visibility options.

Claw Emergency Manipulation Rear Sights are manufactured in the US by AmeriGlo.
One Handed Malfunction Clearing is an ADVANCED Pistol Handling Skill... always keep your finger somewhere other than the trigger and keep the muzzle pointed towards the ground or other safe backstop when practicing. Without the supervision of a qualified instructor, it is always recommended that this skill is developed with inert ammunition/dummy rounds.
Available at the The I.C.E. Training Store,  AmeriGlo and Retailers around the United States!
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